Here’s my quick little manifesto about being an anarchist (voluntaryist). First off the definition.  All anarchism means is “Without Rulers”.  So in other words, it just means that no person (or group of persons) has or can have legitimate rule over another person (or group of persons).

I have no qualms with people making rules and agreeing to abide by them. Organizing and being civilized can be accomplished without dominating others or the use of initiatory force.

The subject of anarchism doesn’t make it into my art all that often but my principals are very important to me none the less.  Not being able to live by my principles, my conscience, makes me angry and sad. Unfortunately I am not allowed to live by my principals under any government rule and that’s one of the reasons I’ve done work for Larken Rose in effort to free the world from their superstitions so I, and everyone else can finally live the life they think is most moral.

I officially left the church of politics in about 2009, though I was never a devout member. When I was a kid in school, I never felt comfortable being forced to pledge allegiance to something that hadn’t earned my allegiance. When they would force us to do the pledge of allegiance to America, it felt so gross and wrong that I would mime the words with my lips so as not to get into trouble, but I would always avoid actually speaking them.  The authoritarian way that politics operates never made sense to me. I eventually found out… there is a reason. It’s because politics is nonsense.

For example, please tell me, if you don’t have the right to do something, how can you give that right to another?

So, for example, it is necessary to take money from people by force (taxes) to fund government, but where do they get the power to do this any more legitimately than you or I? A regular citizen can’t just go making up laws and taxes themselves, so how can they allocate that right to politicians? It can’t be the constitution. The constitution is just words on paper with signatures, anybody can do that! It can’t be that we collectively decided (through voting or whatever). Since no one person has the right to take another persons property by force, the fact that there are more people deciding it seems ok, is irrelevant. You can’t get anything other than zero adding more zeros to zero. I ask people this question and they can only change the subject because there is no answer other than… you CAN’T give a right you don’t have to another. That is very important aspect though so you aren’t allowed to change the subject! If we can’t give a right that we do not have to another, it means government has no legitimate rule over anyone. Government than, is just a collective fantasy – a religion called Statism.

Also something to consider along the same lines… Perhaps you should also think about what laws you would be willing to personally enforce, and I bet the list of things you would want government to do would be a lot smaller.  Government uses a threats of theft, imprisonment, and violent force to solve problems, build buildings, provide goods and services.  Force is your only tool if you are government, because if it’s voluntary than it’s not government (Government ain’t EVER askin’. They’re Tellin’.).  Now go take that gun and start enforcing all those important helmet laws or whatever and don’t forget to rob a whole bunch of family, friends, and strangers to pay for all those public works you want while your at it!! Oh hey, might as well also run up this giant credit bill called the national debt and live high on the hog!  Sure, someday the bill will come due, but you’ll probably be dead by then and it’ll be someone else problem.


back to what I believe to be sanity….

It’s just not civilized to go around forcing your way on others, you see.  Do not fret!  Without government you can use other more positive and useful tools other than coercive force to mold society into what you would like it to be. Tools include but are not limited to: persuasion, negotiation, bring something of value to the world, make friends, inspire others and be a good example of a human being. Do any, some or all of those things and your influence will be much more powerful than any vote or protest you could be doing. Best of all, without government, you’ll also have like… two or three time more money because it won’t all be going into politicians pockets, down the inefficiency toilet, and to a bunch of special interest things nobody wants to be paying for. They’ll be so much abundance we’ll have no problem helping all the people that are truly needy, if that’s what we choose to do.

There is a lot that this (and every) government does that I find very destructive, and completely immoral. Usually the people who need the most help bare the brunt of it and I find it really sad. It weights heavy on my conscience that when I pay taxes I am paying for things that I think are destructive, I know it’s coercive so I don’t feel I have a choice but that doesn’t help make it feel any better because at some point you have to ACTUALLY resist or bad people will just take over. I think there are many things that would be good to get together and do collectively, but it MUST BE VOLUNTARY. That way, we can assure the most win-win interactions between humans. We must be able to choose our own way in the world, and you must let others choose their own way, even if it seems offensive to you. Otherwise you have no right to live the way you want without people forcing their ways on you.

There’s a lot more reasons why I’m an anarchist in addition to what I’ve mentioned so far, but there are enough reasons to fill books (a list of which you can read below). I can’t tell you what an anarchist society would be like because it’s determined by how people choose to organize in any particular time, at any particular place and that would be ever evolving depending on so many factors that it’s impossible to predict.  We’ll try lots of things that will fail, but if we learn from our mistakes, we’ll keep working it out. An anarchist society is an always evolving process that is flexible to places, needs, desires, cultures, technology and the times.  Statism is rigid and never learns from it’s mistakes because it doesn’t need to. If it fails it just sucks the life out of everyone one a little bit more and continues on as usual. Government has no incentives to give customer satisfaction because their customers are forced to buy their services. How can such a thing ever be good? It can’t, things are bound to collapse at some point. The fantasy can only last so long. Sooooo….  Lets grow up, start taking responsibility for our own lives and actions and figure out how to organize a civilized society WITHOUT running to force as a solution to every problem! Who’s with me?!


If what I’ve said sounds interesting to you, you may want to check out these suggested readings:

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Lysander Spooner: No Treason – Constitution of No Authority

Murry Rothbard: Anatomy of The State

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